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Address a broad range of concerns.  The ultimate goal of a Swedish massage is to relax the entire body by incresing the circulation of blood and oxygen while decreasing any muscle toxins or tension.

Best Massage if: You feel emotionally fragile and in need of nurturing.


Deep tissue massage involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. This helps to break up scar tissue that forms following an injury and reduces tension in muscle and tissue.

Best Massage for: Long term stiffness or restricted range of motion due to pain in a particular area.


Original created for professional athletes and sports people to assist with overcoming injuries and ailments. Sports massage can be fairly strenuous in targeting specific muscle groups using soft tissue manipulation and passive stretching. It prepares the athlete for peak performance, prevents injuries and helps heal damaged tissue. 

Best Massage to Drain fatigue from specific muscle groups and to promote flexibility and rehabilitation.  Ease chronic pain caused by injury.


Inflammation (fever)
and/or bacterial inflammation
First three months of pregnancy
Major heart problems
Malignant tumours


Lymphatic drainage The Renata Franca Method is completely different from other drainages in the market.  From pressure and accelerated rythm, pumping an exclusive maneuvers account for the method success in bringing impressive results. This technique is designed to reduce edema, activate blood circulation and boost a complex network of vessels that transport fluids throughout the body, which may contribute to reducing the dreaded cellulite. As result, the body benefits from a reduction in swelling, better-defined contour, accelerated metabolism, and well-being sensation.

Best Massage if: You want to combat cellulite, slim the body, promote weight loss by reducing fluid accumulation and accelerating metabolism, restructuring the figure.


Designed to produce immediate lifting effect, this facial massage might reduce swelling, accentuate the face shape and promote natural skin revitalization.  The Renata Franca Method Miracle Face aims at draining swelling and providing a new contour for the face.  Blending lymphatic drainage and sculpting massage maneuvers, it promises results as special as its body version.


A manual massage techique that applies vigorous, fast and firm movements along the whole body.  This massage presents surprising results, as it was conceived to model adipocytes, that is moving the fat to the right places, thus giving the body a better contour.  Kneading, pinching and gliding are some of the maneuver that promise to give the body new shape and ensure a curvy silhauette.

Best Massage to Drain fatigue from specific muscle groups and to promote flexibility and rehabilitation.  Ease chronic pain caused by injury.

Lymphatic Drainage Vodder Method


A gentle full body massage that subtly stimulates the lymphatic system to assist with draining toxins trapped in the lymph nodes. It not only assists with the flow and removal of toxins to reduce swelling and water retention but is also excellent for boosting immunity, release toxic build-up and calming the nervous system.

Best Massage if: You suffer from water retention, boosting immune system or are on a detox.



Stone therapy uses heated basalt stones incorporated into an invigorating massage. The heat from the stones allows the massage to work at a deeper level easing any tension whilst ensuring you are totally relaxed. Stones are placed on the chakra energy points to open energy pathways which will uplift and create a sense of wellbeing.

Best Massage if: You are feeling run down or suffer from muscle tension.


(known as ZEEBD in our booking app)

Deeply restorative and results-driven. highly personalised top to toe massage with our CBD balms,  melting muscle ache, calming the nervous system and enveloping the body in deep relaxation.


Our Aromatherapy Massage uses a pre-blended or a bespoke blend of pure essential oils tailor-made to your requirements. This massage can have a profound effect on the physical body and on the emotional being. It can assist with reducing anxiety and depression, boosting the immune system and bringing a complete sense of calm and relaxation.

Best Massage if: You are feeling emotionally tired, sleep deprived or jet lagged.

CBD + Essential oils

Incorporate the CBD balms with our custom blended Essential oils and experiene and best suits your needs

special blended essential oils to enhance your CBD massage experience and best suit your needs.

Best Massage to: target pain, inflammation, and fatigue and speed up the process of healing and recovery.

Purifying CBD Massage balm

great for pain relief, muscle aches, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and detoxifying. Refreshing notes of peppermint, eucalyptus, and Cajeput. 

Sweet Dreams CBD Massage balm

induces sleep, anti-anxiety, calming, anti-depression, and reduces stress. Beautiful notes of lavender, rosemary, and frankincense

Revitalising CBD Massage balm

increases energy, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, clarity and confience. Zesty notes of chamomile, ginger and grapefruit.

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