Water retention, cellulite, heavy legs, poor sleep quality, bloating, chronic pain...

Whether you are looking for detox, an expectant mother seeking comfort during pregnancy, an athlete wanting to optimize recovery, someone recovering from surgery and needing accelerated healing, or anyone simply needing a relaxing moment, I am here for you. Every session is a tailored experience, as I adapt my approach to address your specific concerns and goals.

what is lymphatic system?

The blood in our blood vessels is under constant pressure. We need that to push nutrients (that the cells need), fluids, and some cells into the body’s tissues to supply those tissues with food and oxygen.

All of the fluids and their contents that leak out into the tissues (as well as waste products formed in the tissues, and bacteria that enter them through our skin) are removed from them by the lymphatic system.

When the lymphatic system does not drain fluids from the tissues properly, the tissues swell, appearing puffy and uncomfortable. If the swelling only lasts for a short period it is called edema. It is called lymphedema if it lasts longer (more than three months).  


These cutting-edge techniques have been used on Hollywood stars for the Red Carpet, athletes who want to perform their best and models right before a photo shoot. These treatments are also known as manual liposuction and the Miracle Face Massage . The have been popular in Europe and South America for years, but are just now starting to be sought after in the US.



If you would like more info or would like to try this incredible new technique before your wedding, special date, photo shoot or any other time that you want to look and feel slimmer, younger and healthier, click on the button below to get in touch with us or to schedule your next appointment.


  • Longer lasting results are achieved with frequent, evenly spaced treatments.  
  • They are PROGESSIVE.  
  • The results get BETTER and LAST LONGER when done in SUCCESSION.
  • This is why we offer a series of treatments at a discounted price.

90 min Body Treatment


Facial treatment is not included

The pre-paid series of 5 is $740 instead of $925 for the individually priced treatments. That’s a saving of $185. That’s like paying for 4 but getting 5 treatments instead.

120 min Whole body treatment


Body and Facial Treatment

The pre-paid series of 5 is $920 instead of $1150 for the individually priced treatments. That’s a saving of $230. That’s like paying for 4 but getting 5 treatments!

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage:

Reducing swelling, gaining a better-defined contour, accelerated metabolism and enjoying well-being.

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