Hi...I'm Yui

Hi, I’m Yui Vega, LMT, and owner of Massage Cloud 9. I offer massage therapy for the relief of neck, shoulder and back pain.

I worked in an office and spent long hours hunched over a computer and staring at a screen. Many of you are in the same boat and know the shoulder, neck and back pain that “Office Syndrome” can cause. Pain and stress can alter your lifestyle and quite frankly, make you miserable. I’m here to help fix that.

No matter what you do for a living or in your daily life, if you don’t take care of yourself, you will feel the results of not doing it. I want to help you de-stress, be more comfortable, balanced and as pain free, for as long as you can be.

I am very proud to be a small business owner with over 100 5-star reviews! My clients know that I have their backs.

Now they can look forward to a specialized technique, The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which offers stunning results in body sculpting. You can also achieve a slimmer, more toned, glowy complexion with the “Miracle Face” lymphatic facial massage. I am proud to say that I am the first certified specialist in the Renata Franca Manual Lymphatic Drainage technique in Tucson.


2018- ASIS Massage School, Tucson Arizona

2022- Sports massage- Spaborn Academy, New Zealand

2022- Cannabis Master Program for Wellness Professional, Spaborn Academy, New Zealand

2022- Aromatherapy Training, Spaborn Academy, New Zealand

2022- Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage -ACOLS

2022- Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage- Renata Franca Spa Academy, Brazil

2023-Prenatal Massage, Spaborn Academy, New Zealand

2024- Certified Advanced Manual Lymphatic Therapy for Post Plastic Surgery Procedures- ACOLS

Opening Hours:
Wednesday – Sunday 9am – 7pm

Phone: (520) 549-4562

Email: massagecloud9Tucson@gmail.com

Address: 2604 E. Grant Rd. Tucson AZ 85716

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