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Hi...I'm Yui

Hi, I’m Yui Vega, LMT, and owner of Massage Cloud 9. I offer massage therapy for the relief of neck, shoulder and back pain.

I worked in an office and spent long hours hunched over a computer and staring at a screen. Many of you are in the same boat and know the shoulder, neck and back pain that “Office Syndrome” can cause. Pain and stress can alter your lifestyle and quite frankly, make you miserable. I’m here to help fix that.

No matter what you do for a living or in your daily life, if you don’t take care of yourself, you will feel the results of not doing it. I want to help you de-stress, be more comfortable, balanced and as pain free, for as long as you can be.




Neck/head/shoulder pain




Back Pain

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Restore Range of Motion

Lymphatic system

Post Surgery


Reduces swelling

Fights water retention

Combats cellulite

Controls Lymphedema 

Relieves heavy legs

Boosts digestion

Reduces bloating and constipation

Improves metabolism and circulation (Oxygenation) 

Maximises nutrient supply

Boosts immune system

Promotes relaxation

Our Policies

Massage Cloud 9 provides non-sexual massage. The therapist can terminate the session at any given time if direct or indirect suggestions are made that place the therapist in an uneasy situation. Full payment will be expected.


1. Cancel or reschedule the appointment is required at least 24 hours in advance. 50% of the full session rate will be charged if client give less than 24 hours' notice and future appointment will be suspended until CANCELLATIONS/RESCHEDULING fee is settled.
2. Full session rate will be charged if client give 2 hours' notice or less, or if client miss an appointment without giving notice.
3. If within 24 hours of client session, and develop a contagious illness or have a sudden, unplanned health or personal emergency rendering client unable to make my appointment, please inform Massage Cloud 9 right away to avoid a cancellation fee. Our phone number is 520.549.4562


1. Client must arrive 10-15 minutes early for appointment in order to get the full session time scheduled. If client arrives on time, or late, the therapist can only give whatever time remains of the appointment, and that client will pay for the full length of the session that booked.
2. In order to receive the best massage therapy possible, please communicate ANYTHING and everything, including client needs, references, requests, or feedback, at any time before, during, or after the massage. Client will communicate right away if there is anything distracting or if client feel unwell or uncomfortable at any time during the session so that adjustments can be made.
3. First time client, please fill out intake form 24 hours prior to your arrival.

Our clients love us.


Opening Hours:
Wednesday – Sunday 9am – 7pm

Phone: (520) 549-4562



Address: 2604 E. Grant Rd. Tucson AZ 85716

Provide relief from chronic neck, shoulder back pain through targeted massage therapy

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