Designed to produce immediate lifting effect. This facial massage might reduce swelling, accentuate the face shape and promote natural skin revitalization. The Renata Franca Method Miracle Face aims at draining swelling and providing a new contour for the face. Blending lymphatic drainage and sculpting massage maneuvers, it promises results as special as its body version.


This cutting-edge technique has been used on Hollywood stars for the Red Carpet, athletes who want to perform their best and models right before a photo shoot. The treatment is also known as the Miracle Face Massage . It has been popular in Europe and South America for years, but it is just now starting to be sought after in the US.


  • Longer lasting results are achieved with frequent, evenly spaced treatments.  
  • They are PROGESSIVE
  • The results get BETTER and LAST LONGER when done in SUCCESSION
  • This is why we offer a series of treatments at a discounted price.

Facial Contouring Treatment


The pre-paid series of 5 is $280 instead of $350 for the individually priced treatments. That’s a saving of $70. That’s like paying for 4 but getting 5 treatments instead.

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