The Renata França method is popular for combating cellulite, its effects on weight loss, slimming the body, restructuring the figure, and accelerating the metabolism.  

Traditional methods target certain parts of the body to be drained (one or two legs, one or two arms) whereas the Renata França method systematically drains the whole body, front and back! 

The pressure exerted with the traditional methods is very light, the rhythm very slow and it is done without oil, unlike the Renata França method which claims a medium pressure, a high rhythm and the use of a massage oil.  

The huge point of difference is in the appearance of the results. The Renata França method is the only current technique that allows for immediate results, from the first session! 

Most people can have a Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage. However, there are some exclusions. Certain conditions may deem one unfit for this massage. A doctor’s note may be accepted, so please contact us prior to booking if you fall into any of the below categories:

   – 1st trimester pregnancy

   – those with active cancer

   – thrombosis/blood clots

   – kidney/liver issues or diseases

   – have a cold or feeling sick

   – undiagnosed body lumps & bumps

   – history of stroke

Sometimes toxins, waste products build up in our tissues and cause swelling, edema or cellulite storage. These waste products are carried by lymph, a fluid circulating through a network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. For different reasons: a sedentary lifestyle, a lack of sleep, a bad diet, a lack of hydration, hormonal disorders, heart failure venous or lymphatic insufficiency, a genetic problem, an imbalance of the thyroid…, or still an emotional shockIt happens that the lymphatic system can no longer drain excess fluids, creating stasis/retention.

The lymphatic system is our body’s “sewerage system’’. It maintains fluid levels in our body tissues by removing all fluids that leak out of our blood vessels. The lymphatic system is important for the optimal  functioning of our general specific immune system.

The manual lymphatic drainage of the Renata Franca method:

activates the lymphatic and venous system both providing immediate benefits:

      -Treats fluid retention,

      -Reduces centimeters,

      -Relieves abdominal pain, discomfort and intestinal transit disorders,

      -Provides a feeling of light legs,

      -Optimizes cellulite loss,

      -Refines silhouette

      -Boosts your immune system.

Great question! Prior to your massage, we ask that you hydrate yourself. For most, this means drinking more water than usual. Chugging/gulping water is not recommended as it can make you feel heavy and bloated during your massage. We also recommend that any meals you have before your session be light.

After your massage, keep hydrating yourself- lymphatic massages tend to dehydrate, so you will need to combat this in order to allow the best results from the massage. Avoiding alcohol and greasy, salty foods for 24-48 hours post-massage is recommended, as these will only halt the flushing of your lymphatic system.

We recommend: 

As part of support for weight loss, fibrous, fat cellulite or big retention, we recommend one session per week for 5 weeks and a one-session maintenance every 4-weeks.  one session per month to boost your immunity.

It is recommended to do a lymphatic drainage session before starting the sculpting. A personal treatment plan is made during your first appointment. Together, we determine your expectations and establish a program to achieve your goals

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